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Rent Bunnicula!

If you are doing a production of Bunnicula and are wanting to cast the perfect rabbit for the lead role then look no further. John Kennedy, author of Puppet Mania and Puppet Planet, and the Orlando Repertory Theatre,, are now making their rendition of the famous vampire rodent available for rental at reasonable rates. For more details call Jeff Revels at (407) 896-2501 xt. 216 or email him at
Bunnicula is ready for action! Bunnicula is a wonderful play for the whole family and features an inquisitive rabbit puppet.
Bunnicula with cast The Orlando Repertory Theatre's production of Bunnicula was a big success and many people fell in love with its starring bunny. Directed by Jeff Revels, this show was a favorite of Orlando audiences and ran for many weeks.
Bunnicula Puppet Mechanism Bunnicula is a very expressive puppet with eye blinks, nose twitches, ear perks, and a springy hop, making his performance as convincing as any actor in the cast. One puppeteer can make all of these movements via a mechanical toggle on the back of the rabbit. He can even spread his arms as he opens his mouth to reveal his fangs.
John Kennedy with Bunnicula John Kennedy has been building professional puppets for over 20 years. Some of his credentials include: The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Pepper Business Meeting Products, Michelee Puppets, Green Frog Productions, Moonglow Productions and The Indianapolis Children's Museum. In addition to building, John has been a professional puppeteer for companies like Sesame Workshop, The Jim Henson Company, Disney, and Nickelodeon. His work in TV, Movies, and live theatre makes him an expert in bringing original puppetry to the stage.
Did someone call? To see our Bunnicula in action watch the Puppetkit Calendar for his next theatre engagement.