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Puppet Of The Week-String Bird

This puppet is the mama of the Dancin' Chick from Puppet Mania! We decided early on that this project would be too difficult for the book but I knew the concept was good. So I took off the head, neck, wing strings, and spatula rods for the feet and turned the project into a chick. If you want to make the String Bird you might consult the Dancin' Chick patterns from Puppet Mania!
Hello! The String bird is great for doing birthday party shows, school talent shows, and strolling performances. You can build a group of String Birds and do a kick line at a basketball game or a party.
Spatula?  Who knew? I attached the feet to two spatulas, the handles becoming the middle toes of the bird, and threaded a shoe lace in and around the spatula slots. A second shoe lace was tied to the rod part of the spatulas and was also used to thread the longer shoe laces through. If you use your string bird a lot you might want to more permanently secure the spatulas to your shoes. This might mean finding a pair of shoes that will always stay attached to the bird and taping or gluing them on.
How do you do? You can switch your hands around on the head and arm rods to get several different movement positions. This one's good for shaking hands.
Who's that over there? This one's good for making big head and neck moves.
Let's boogie! This one's good for dancing, flapping, and goofing around.
Stayin' alive! You can coordinate your hands and feet to do some traditional jazz steps. Most of the time I try to walk to the rhythm of a song or do a time step while flapping the wings but you might be inclined to throw in a Saturday Night Fever move.
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