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Keep making puppets!
Puppet Of The Week - Dog

The Paper Dog Puppet can be a business card, greeting card, or a note passer. It didn't make it into Puppet Mania! or my up coming book because it is similar to the Coaster Creature and the Picture Puppet. It is a great project for a group or class, for summer camp, or something to do on a rainy day. You will need heavy weight paper, a pen, glue or tape, scissors, and colored markers.
Dog gone. Just print out the dog on heavy weight paper, cut out around the outside lines, fold the mouth and tab lines, and glue or tape the tabs to the back of the mouth. You can roll a piece of tape on the back of the mouth to get a better grip when performing your Paper Dog Puppet.
I could be anyone. Here is a blank card for creating your own characters. Print out this template, draw a head and nose on top, a tongue and teeth in the middle circle (this is where you leave space for a note or greeting), and a chin on the bottom. When you're done creating follow the steps above to make the puppet yourself or pass along this web address so your friends can put it together. Make as many as you want and hand out a free puppet as a greeting on special occasions, a calling card to make new friends, or a way to add some spark to a dull day.
Bark!  Bark! Thanks for visiting! Check back next week and see the latest Puppet Of The Week.