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Banana Buddies

Banana Buddies Figure 1 The great thing about Banana Buddies is that they are so easy to perform. With the precut shapes all you have to do is squeeze below the banana's mouth and it will open wide. This makes them ready for you to provide some cool character traits. With a pair of scissors, some glue, and a marker you will be able to decorate the foam to create some really neat facial features that will give life to your perennial pal. Just think of the possibilities:
Banana Buddies Figure 2 High eyebrows with cross eyes will make your banana look silly.
Banana Buddies Figure 3 Low brows with eyes to the side will make your banana look paranoid.
Banana Buddies Figure 4 Really low brows and wide eyes will make your banana look sinister.
Banana Buddies Figure 5 Now take a look at some creative noses.
Banana Buddies Figure 6 Once you have snipped a perfect face and glued in the eyes and teeth you can get really clever with shading and highlighting with your marker. This will emphasize all of your hard work and make your sculpted shapes seem to pop out. These guys are ready for action!