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Puppet Mania-Behind the scenes

It takes a lot of effort to get a book ready for publication and Puppet Mania! was no exception. Before it was released early last year I asked for the help of my fellow puppeteers to test some of the projects and put a demonstrational video together for the North Light Book sales department. My pals at the Central Florida Puppetry Guild were more than willing to lend a hand. With the assistance of some of the areas best technical folks and the Edgewater Hotel we were ready to roll some tape.
Andy and John squeeze into the stage. Andy Stone and I started the production schedule off with a number by the Banana Buddies. They sang a cute song written by Will Ryan as they spent some quality time at the beach. We really had to squeeze in to get the bananas on the stage. Our monitor was in the floor out in front of the stage so it was a real neck twister to see the shot.
Mike Lanza videos the session. The next day the Puppetry Guild arrived and we got some great footage of everyone making puppets. I especially wanted to test out the steps I had written incase there were any changes that I wanted to make before Puppet Mania! went to press. Mike Lanza gathered video as Sallye Emerson made sure there was good sound with her boom.
Guys dancin' with chicks. It didn't take long to find out my steps were a success. Mark Gale, Rob Lott, and Scott Silson took to dancing right away and were doing a dance routine before we could even get a camera on them.
David Emerson listens with a keen ear. David Emerson has been my audio engineer for a long time now. I recorded my "Goin' Bananas" CD at his studio and I needed his expert ear to record the sound for this demo video. He and I both know that the sound can make or break even the best of productions.
Bad bananas ready to rumble. I knew the Puppet Guild Puppeteers would be really creative and they didn't let me down. Just look at some of the details on these banana faces. Even the littlest banana, which was a banana saved from a misjudged cut, has a fun expression.
The Guild's all here! Thanks Central Florida Puppet Guild and friends! You helped make Puppet Mania! the world's most incredible puppet making book ever! (front row) James Donmoyer, James Silson, Jason Murphy, Julie Kennedy (second row) Rob Lott, Elizabeth Lorenzen-Miranda, Ann Ellis, Scott Silson, Jamie Friedman Donmoyer, Mark Gale