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Keep making puppets!
1st Day of Puppetry at UCF

Puppetry classes began January 12th at UCF and the class kicked off with a Banana Buddy workshop and a production of The Banana Bread Man. The students of “TPP 5885C Puppetry” got a big dose of puppets on their first day. John brought some examples of The Foaman Empire, the puppets that will be a big part of the building portion of the class, and some materials to share from AMACO, the art supply company that helped John get his first break into the publishing world. The students were excited to learn of all the practical puppeteer skills that will be taught and how their efforts through the semester will benefit kids. In fact, when the class ends in May the students will be able to lead classes in puppet building and performance just like John does now for schools and festivals around the country.
First day at UCF's Puppetry class. On the first day of UCF’s Puppetry class everyone worked hard to create their own Banana Buddy character. There was foam everywhere from all of the snipping going on as the students were excited to make their very own characters. By the end of the period there was nothing but smiles and John snapped this photo to document the excellent results of the workshop.
Jeff Revels, Education Director for the REP. Jeff Revels, currently Education Director for the Orlando Repertory Theatre, is one of John’s students and is shown here with his Little Old Banana Man. Coincidentally, Jeff set up the meeting which landed John this teaching job. There will be more meetings soon about bringing The Foaman Empire to the Orlando Repertory Theatre as a live puppet play this fall.
Jennifer's banana just came from the Banana Beauty Salon. Jennifer Karpel used some yarn, fabric, and a little make up to create a great looking patron of the Banana Beauty and Tanning Salon.
Amanda and this banana both love bowling. The Banana Bowling Alley shall stay in business for a long time with Amanda Wolgast’s Banana Bowler character. Notice Amanda’a use of fake fur for eyebrows and her shading technique around the banana’s nose area.
Yeeooow!  I feel good! Allen McCoy jumped at the chance to build a Banana Club dancer. He even added a fur soul patch to give this banana a suave look. The cape was a big hit. Eat your heart out James Brown.
Everybody dance now! This banana dancer by Lauren might have a tough time getting someone to dance with him. Can someone get some tweezers for his unibrow?
Come give Mama a kiss. Kimeche Carmichael’s banana says, “Taking John’s puppetry class has done wonders for my social life”.