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UCF Dinos Part 2

The students at UCF get an A for effort and a gold star for completing the second half of a two part dinosaur workshop. After comparing the photos from the last class everyone agrees that much imagination and creativity went in to making some memorable characters.
Foamosaurus Fun! The whole group posed for a picture that showed off the fruits of their labor and their newly found amphibian friends. John had to dye the characters to achieve the different skin tones thus making it necessary to break the workshop into two class sessions. Everyone's patience paid off.
Repeating what people say!  Yea! Here's a great before and after shot. Kimeche made a baby girl dinosaur complete with inflamed gums from teething. This character has a cute way of repeating what people say and then yelling,"Yea!".
Thocker anyone? Allen's puppet ended up looking like a dinosaur that was one evolutionary step away from an alligator. The use of black felt for eyebrows gives this dino a stern expression that Allen plans to work into its character. Later he experimented with the voice and thought of adding a snake-like tongue to give him a lisp. He'th in to thporth.
Stop looking at me! To most people Lauren's character looks evil but to those who know him he's really just paranoid and afraid of his own eyebrows. His sharp teeth grit as he shakes in fear and glances about the room, wondering who might be looking at his excess facial hair.
Aint' I cute? By gluing pom-poms, felt, and a bow on her dinosaur Jennifer was able to make an adorable little girl character. Jennifer discovered that by marking inside of her texture cuts she could accent the folds and creases on her dinosaur's skin. This dino has an over bite that will have to be corrected with braces later in life.
Do you come here often? Refered to simply as Fred this puppet can move its eyes and brows when it shakes it's head. Jeff even considered attaching a string to make them move on command. Then Fred could look up on cue or bug his eyes out when he sees a female dinosaur come his way.
Everybody dance now! Look who just strolled in. Amanda's character is all decked out in street smart gear and ready to party. Now the group is complete and ready to sing and dance their way to fame. Everybody do the dinosaur!